Power Thoughts Daily Affirmations

Positive Affirmations- http://www.SevenChakrasMeditation.com Power Thoughts Daily Guidance Affirmations to create wealth, success and improve your skills. Use power thoughts daily affirmation to stay motivated about life help increase your business or personal life

Love Affirmations To Attract Love

Find your love -http://www.fearlove.com Positive Love Affirmations To Attract Love and romance Find love in your life using these positive affirmations for love. These positive affirmations for love are very beneficial to encourage self love within healthy relationships. Attract Healthy Relationships Into Your Life With Positive Love Affirmations

Roads and paths Through Life

Journey Faithfully – http://www.ipublishabook.com Roads and paths through life As You Journey Through Life and Roads and Paths the road seems treacherous or a steep hills to climb


Weight Loss Motivation- AFFIRMATIONS – HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST http://www.HealthySkinBody.com

“Coward, Coward,” She Utters

Under a clear sky and a bright moon, In front of the Agave Azul with a friend, Guacamole with chips and a tipple was the intent. A conversation about life soon turns bleak. “Coward, coward,” she utters about herself. Irrigating eyes with every sentence, Recalling years of agony as a child and young woman, Life…

Stolen Purity to Remove Self-culpability

Self-culpability for this unforgettable deed, Safeguarding should have been heeded, An immediate life change, from this cowardly act proceeds. Shelter sentiments, fright inside to keep. An encounter with a friend who suffers the same hurt, Heeding her tribulations, tear from her eyes spurt. She says, pretense of dry eyes is becoming her forte, Memories of…

The Search For a Child

Dusk and a missing child. Searches empty, Mother’s intuitions fasten. Days of seeking, mother’s maw remains stitched. Celebration of the day on this soil is approaching. Third year of a young innocent life. Florida scorcher did not dishearten the quest. Behind iron gates, a mother still sits with fastened lips. Impassive sentiments show signs of…

I Surrender All

I surrender all. I surrender all. God you have control of my life. God you know my heart. I am releasing all to you. My future is in your hand. I am going to allow you to do it your way. I am going to pray because you know what I want and see happen….

My Dear Love

After listening to you expressing to me with conviction how this relationship is “doomed!” I came to a conclusion you are right. You have a truth in your heart only you and God knows it and I think it’s eating you up. This is the only reason I can fathom to why you feel this…

Surrender All – I surrender All to Jesus

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XCzqk1vY8E surrender – We all hear the words “LET GO LET GOD” it is easier said then done. Fear from losing your mate can keep you imprison. Trying to get things your way is a major challenge, specially when you have no control over it. today I am expressing my emotions through this video about…

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