Dear God – A Prayer

<a href="[youtube]” title=”Dear God – A Prayer”>Dear God – A Prayer

Dear God – A Prayer is one of many prayers I find myself praying daily. Usually, I pray to just thank God for a wonderful day, for my job for my health. The night I wrote a prayer, I was in a desperate spot. I had allowed myself to indulge in a behavior that I know was not acceptable to God. This behavior was not acceptable to me. That night, I find myself crying and begging God to help me. I saw my life as I knew it coming into an end.

This was a moment I have never experience before in my life. My tears could not stop flowing, mostly because I was ashamed of myself. I knew better. I know I disappoint God by not follow all the signs and warning he gave me. Even with me being hard headed, God still protect me. So, because of that, I wrote  a prayer to thank God for protecting me one more time.



Faithless you Many of us are looking to connect to a higher source. No matter what we decide to call it, we all know there is a higher power that created men. With all of life challenges, we can’t doe it by ourselves. This was written when I was going through my own emotional moment, question my faith. We say we believe in front of our friends and family members, but in secret doubt and fear takes over. I hope you enjoy FAITHLESS YOU

At Times


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