Ninety Days To a Better Me

90 days to a better me is not about losing weight or using some new diet. 90 days to a better me was about a time in my life when the manager I used to work for could not take
responsibilities for his actions. He lacks courage. He did what he could to try to instill trepidations in me. But I was well protected by the power of God. Their trepidations did not
work, everything backfired on them. 90 days they gave me, 90 days I had to a better me.I wrote this poem during the time I was going through this challenging time. I hope I am able to inspire or encourage you to stay in faith, no
matter what. Enjoy


Do you know of anyone who have commit suicide or
try to take their own lives. I am very sad to say that I know of a family member who tried to commit suicide. At 20, she felt she did not have much to live for. There are many reasons why someone will think the only way out of difficulties, is to take their lives.Some of the reasons could be: They’re depressed,They’re psychotic, They’re impulsive, or they’re crying out for help, if you know of anyone who wants to commit suicide, please help them.

Death Of A Child – Time To Say Goodbye

Death Of A Child – Time To Say Goodbye

If you or anyone you know have experienced the loss of a child, you know there is nothing more devastating.Some wounds heals over time and others never do. I believe losing a child is one of those wounds that never heals.They just stay below the surface until something re-energizes them.The loss of a child is the loss of innocent, it is the death of the most vulnerable. As parents, all we want to do is take care and provide for our kids. We want our kids to out live us.

This poem was written for a friend who experienced the death of a child. The most challenging thing for a parent, is to bury a child. If you have loss a child, I hope this poem touch you in a positive way.

Time To Say Goodbye

Beneath The Darkness (Life consists of different challenges )

Beneath The Darkness (Life consists of different challenges )

Life sometimes does not seems fair, Life consists of different challenges some can be mental, emotional, physical, and lifestyle. We all have our own personal challenges in life. We may look at others who appear to have everything; looks, money, health, and wish to have what they have. But everyone has difficulties to overcome and challenges to work through. Everyone’s life is a challenge and the best rewards are downstream. I hope you enjoy this poem I wrote. Beneath The Darkness

Alone I Do Not Want To Be -relationship

Alone I Do Not Want To Be (relationship)

This is a poem about a young woman who got hook in one of these sad relationship but is afraid to leave because of fear of being alone. This can also goes for a man. I know of men who have allowed themselves to be stuck in relationships they are not happy in.Relationships are challenging, they require lots of patience and understanding.

I hope you enjoy this poem.



A broken heart is a common metaphor used to describe the intense emotional pain or suffering one feels after losing a loved on or after being dump. There’s no question that breakups can be painful, and that it’s difficult to trust and love again. But there are ways to get past the pain. A broken heart is painful, but know that you are not alone and when you choose hope the healing process
will begin.


Why do some people in America hate, demonize, fear and look down on black men? There are plenty of things that keep white racist thinking in place. Generally speaking, racism in the United States is thought of as a problem that victimizes blacks. But today I challenge you to THINK.
I think it is just a blind fear. There is no reason to fear black men. I hope you enjoy this poem: Blind Fear

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