Dr. Oz Secret to His 28-Year Marriage

Dr.Oz Secret to His 28-Year Marriage Dr. Oz is known as the pitch man for many different Products on his daily show. He is adore by many fans and they follow every word of his. Every products Dr Oz mention on his show usually become an instant success. Everyone searched everywhere to their hand on…

Affirmations to Attract Love into your life

AFFIRMATIONS – You can never heal relationships by talking and thinking about how awful it is. Love affirmations help heal your relationship by turning your thoughts away from the problems and help create new thoughts that will produce a solution. I am lovable as I am I am forgiving my self for thinking I need…

What is Love? Different types of love

What is Love? Different types of love

I wonder, what is love? just like many of you I fear love. Because of my lack of understanding about love, I took it upon myself for find out. You see, most of my life, I was not sure what love is. I do not remembered being love or maybe I just did not understand it. My relationships failed due to that lack of understanding. Today, I have a better understanding of love, but till searching and hoping to me my true love.There are many different types of love. However, there are four types of love that MUST be present at the same time in any marriage and love relationship to make a complete marriage. Please enjoy this video about love

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