My Dear Love

After listening to you expressing to me with conviction how this relationship is “doomed!” I came to a conclusion you are right. You have a truth in your heart only you and God knows it and I think it’s eating you up. This is the only reason I can fathom to why you feel this relationship is impossible to save. Another sleepless night for me wondering what I can do to save this relationship; again, you are right. This is never going to work. With that said, I agree it’s best for us to part ways as soon as possible.

I know it’s a bit more challenging for you due to lack of cash, but I will do my best to help you as much as I can. The funds I have requested should be here by Tuesday, I hope. I will give it to you for you to plan your exit strategy out of this miserable life you have with me. I love you too much to see you so unhappy because of your life with me.

You came into my life at a time when I needed someone like you. I did not go and look for you. God arranged it and now, God is saying it’s time for us to part ways. I will accept it. God as never led me wrong, I will no longer resist. I will no longer spend my days trying to convince you a good relationship is worth fighting to try to save it.

You do not see it that way. I get it.
I will start to detach myself from you and your son. It’s not fair to me and my heart to continue to stay attach. Since you have already detached yourself from me; I have listening to all your warnings of what you can do behind my back. I hope you find everything you are looking for. I know my God is a good God and this challenging time in my life just like all the other times in my life is a good thing.

You are a beautiful person who deserves to be happy; and I hear you many times expressing to me “I am not the person that you are going to find happiness with.” No matter how hard to hear you say those words to me, I have to accept them. This is the only way I can move on with my soul. I am a good person who did nothing but have your best interest at heart.

No time in this relationship did I ask for anything, beside your love? Three years later, the truth; you never had any love for me and never will have it for me. It was just a joke. I am getting it.Tonight, like many other nights in bed unable to sleep trying to figure out how can I get you to love me is the last time I will do that. This is the reason I am writing this. This is for me to get some type of respite from this heartache and to let you know you are FREE! This “man” can no longer “control” your life.

I did my best and I guess it’s just was not good enough. I fought as long as I could. I have no more fight. It’s over; I am down for the count. You WON! Let’s part ways as quickly as possible.
God bless you,

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