Do you know of anyone who have commit suicide or
try to take their own lives. I am very sad to say that I know of a family member who tried to commit suicide. At 20, she felt she did not have much to live for. There are many reasons why someone will think the only way out of difficulties, is to take their lives.Some of the reasons could be: They’re depressed,They’re psychotic, They’re impulsive, or they’re crying out for help, if you know of anyone who wants to commit suicide, please help them.


<a href="[youtube]” title=”In the dark of the night”>In the dark of the night

In the dark of the night, this vile person broke into a home where the individual in the home was just sleeping her night away. A home is suppose to be our haven, it is where we feel safe and comfortable, unfortunately for this young lady, that night was her darkest of night. This story is a true encounter a friend experienced. Unfortunately, she did not make it alive. This vile killer just wanted money to get his drugs took an innocent life for no reasons. 



Crop circles? Do you believe they are Paranormal or are they the work of human pranksters. Do you believe they are made by extraterrestrial beings. Twenty-six countries have reported approximately ten thousand crop circles. I find crop circles very fascinating. I am not sure if they are created my human who are very good at arts or by extraterrestrial from a different planet. The one thing I do know is they are very interesting pieces of
art and I like looking at them and wonder how they were created. For this reason, I put these together for your enjoyment.

Crossroads – Create a change

<a href="[youtube]” title=”Crossroads – Create a change”>Crossroads – Create a change

Many of us at one point in our lives will come to a crossroad where a decision has to be made to create a change. This change can be positive or negative. In order to change your life you need to
make decisions about what you want and then take action.

Crossroads was written during a time in my life where I had to make a decision. This decision was not only going to affect me but also those I love. Pondering what to do, I go back to the only connection I know and that is God. I hope you enjoy this poem.

Dear God – A Prayer

<a href="[youtube]” title=”Dear God – A Prayer”>Dear God – A Prayer

Dear God – A Prayer is one of many prayers I find myself praying daily. Usually, I pray to just thank God for a wonderful day, for my job for my health. The night I wrote a prayer, I was in a desperate spot. I had allowed myself to indulge in a behavior that I know was not acceptable to God. This behavior was not acceptable to me. That night, I find myself crying and begging God to help me. I saw my life as I knew it coming into an end.

This was a moment I have never experience before in my life. My tears could not stop flowing, mostly because I was ashamed of myself. I knew better. I know I disappoint God by not follow all the signs and warning he gave me. Even with me being hard headed, God still protect me. So, because of that, I wrote  a prayer to thank God for protecting me one more time.



Sinful Adoration, how do you overcome temptation? sometimes we look for the quick way to attain wealth and that will drive us to sinful adoration and move us away from God and more towards wicked deeds. There is hope if we stay in faith and know God has our back. God knows everything, no matter how long you see your struggle continuing, just have patience, stay in faith before you know it your struggles with end. You were created to live a life full of abundance, this life is Rightly yours. The reason most never achieve it is because we are always in a hurry and not being grateful for what you have.  

I wrote this poem during a moment when I was going through my own doubts about my life and God. Just like many of you, I struggle with my faith.But the one thing that I have learned during that time was to stay in faith. Wickedness sometimes wants to take over, misguided deeds at times seems very worthwhile, but I always go back and asks myself about the consequences. Because of the heavy price I know I can pay for my wicked deeds, I always decided to stay with God, no matter how long it takes.



What is one of your fear? Is being buried alive one of them? Don’t ask me why this thought of being bury alive goes through my mind. One day, I was sitting in bed and this emotion of fear came over me because my thoughts wonder how it would feel to be bury while alive and no one knows that I am alive but me. Maybe that is not your fear, but for me Thunderous plea.. A story about being buried alive. This probably the fear of many people. This story is only my imagination at work. I hope you enjoy this video.

What is Love? Different types of love

What is Love? Different types of love

I wonder, what is love? just like many of you I fear love. Because of my lack of understanding about love, I took it upon myself for find out. You see, most of my life, I was not sure what love is. I do not remembered being love or maybe I just did not understand it. My relationships failed due to that lack of understanding. Today, I have a better understanding of love, but till searching and hoping to me my true love.There are many different types of love. However, there are four types of love that MUST be present at the same time in any marriage and love relationship to make a complete marriage. Please enjoy this video about love

Being a Black Man In America

Being a Black Man In America

There are many African-Americans who have made extraordinary achievements in their fields, including inventors such as George Washington Carver; activists like Malcolm X and Rosa Parks; athletes such as Willie Mays and Michael Jordan; and entertainers like Bessie Smith, Oprah Winfrey and president of The United States Barack Obama. However, Still today, black men can’t easily walk own the street in America. Just like Trayvon Martin story in America today.

Death Of A Child – Time To Say Goodbye

Death Of A Child – Time To Say Goodbye

If you or anyone you know have experienced the loss of a child, you know there is nothing more devastating.Some wounds heals over time and others never do. I believe losing a child is one of those wounds that never heals.They just stay below the surface until something re-energizes them.The loss of a child is the loss of innocent, it is the death of the most vulnerable. As parents, all we want to do is take care and provide for our kids. We want our kids to out live us.

This poem was written for a friend who experienced the death of a child. The most challenging thing for a parent, is to bury a child. If you have loss a child, I hope this poem touch you in a positive way.

Time To Say Goodbye

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